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FAQ for our customized 2010 edition Record of Completion Form

Q.        Why is your document only 6 pages long when NFPA 72 shows it taking up 12 pages?

A.        NFPA uses white space around a boxed text margin.  This drastically reduced the space available for printing.  Additionally, our form is pre-configured.


Q.        What is a “pre-configured” form?

A.        Space is reduced on our form by using check boxes and “circle one” selection items rather than long blank lines.


Q.        Why is it faster to complete your form?

A.        Our form shows you the choices, rather than a blank space.  Our form also places the most commonly checked boxes first, with the more obscure possibilities placed farther back in the lists. 


Q.        Why is it easier to complete your form?

A.        Our form eliminates most confusion by showing the applicable NFPA 72 code section numbers next to choices.  


Q.        What is missing from your customized record of completion that NFPA 72 has in their example?

A.        We have chosen to not include the long blanks for the e-mail address of all possible concerned parties.


Q.        What do you have that is not in NFPA 72’s example they printed in their standard?

A.        We have included information for the stand alone communication equipment such as cellular, radio and DACT panels.   These are missing from NFPA’s version.  NFPA 72 also has items in their example that are not supported by the accompanying code sections, such as seemingly required signature lines for people that rarely attend an acceptance test.   Most glaringly is the signature line for your central station representative to sign off (approve) on your newly completed fire alarm installation.  We have added wording to eliminate this confusion while still allowing for the possibility for a central station representative to be present. 

Our form includes sprinkler system supervision check boxes for high/low pressure, valve water shut off, low temp., water level, etc., where NFPA's example provides only a blank line.

Our form includes fire pump supervision check boxes for required supervision of functions such as loss of phase, phase reversal, pump running, etc. where NFPA's example supplies a blank line.

Our form includes Guard Tour supervision, NFPA's does not.

Our form addresses Survivability ratings and Classes of circuits/pathways for Voice EVAC and MNS, where NFPA does not!!!

Our form has a checkbox provided to indicate there are attached documentation and/or calculations sheets.


Q.        Could we just make our own and have them printed locally?

A.        Yes, you can.  However, we have already contracted for a volume discount with a reputable printer and have proofs prepared and artwork approved.   We have spent days designing our form and have them printed at the lowest cost.  Only by purchasing in amounts of 1,000 forms or more can you come close to our pricing.  Order now, and you’ll have them in a few days, (when out of stock, a couple of weeks at most).   Easy to order, faster to use.   Done.


Q.        Is there anything else?

A.        Yes.  Add your logo at additional charge, or use the standard 6 page, 2-part NCR paper, black and white form, at an economical $3.00 per installation.



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Page updated April 10, 2012

Code information should be 'current' until 2014