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We have just been awarded with a Copyright Registration by the US. Copyright Office for the 2-dimensional artwork/text and symbols associated with our Classroom Edition©!

A sample page from our specially printed Classroom EditionOur Classroom Edition© of NFPA 72

NFPA 72, pre-highlighted, with visual recognition cues printed in the margins of all eleven chapters.

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The Classroom Edition© is a standard licensed copy of NFPA 72 2007 with our highlighting and visual locating icons added to the page margins.  For many code users scanning page after page of black and white text for information is difficult.  Most of us are more visually oriented and respond better to a mix of colors and other visual cues.  In fact, users of the Classroom Edition© appear to be speed-reading since they typically slide their finger down the page, scanning only the icons and/or color highlighted key words of our Classroom Edition©.

Let’s suppose you need to find the specific “Level” number assigned to a Type 10, Class 24 electrical generator.  You’d turn to Chapter Four, the Fundamentals of Fire Alarm Systems in NFPA 72.  (Although Chapter Four begins part way down a page, it is easier to find in the Classroom Edition since we’ve marked where each of the eleven chapters begin with a large red and blue icon at the top corner of the page.  See a typical page illustrating our highlighting and icon system.)  Starting in Chapter Four, you would slide your finger down the page margins until you spot the distinctive engine-driven generator icon:  .   Then, knowing that in your Classroom Edition©, all values in NFPA 72 will be highlighted in green, your eyes will quickly spot any green numbers near the Generator icon - and you'll find the answer you're looking for;  “Type 10, Class 24, Level 1” all highlighted in green.  How much time did you spend finding the correct answer?  About 30 seconds.  Not having to re-take your certification exam?  Priceless.  Also great for those with English as a second language and those with learning disabilities.    How to Purchase the Classroom Edition©     More Information HERE. 

The visual cues used in our Fire Alarm Systems Training software are the same as used in our Classroom Edition©. They were made for each other!

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F.A.C.T.S.© - Fire Alarm Code Test Software© provides challenging questions, on varying levels, over several subject areas, to help you prepare for any fire certification or licensing exam. Be prepared for your next computer based Fire Alarm exam. 

Our practice exam software has sold more copies than any other.  We are the original NICET Test-Prep providers!

Prior versions of our exam software have been for sale since 1999!

More questions and more subject modules than other providers              

Challenging questions that help you think and don’t just test your memory

 Get the F.A.C.T.S.! Purchase your Fire Alarm Code Test Software© so you can begin to study today for whatever fire certification exam (i.e. NICET, IMSA, NTS, etc.) or low voltage apprenticeship exam, electrical exam, or state fire licensing exam for which you are preparing.  Starting with the F.A.C.T.S.© can help.

Sample a short  5 question FACTS© quiz HERE.

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Warning:  Don't waste your money by purchasing out-of-date 'NICET training manuals'!   They are no longer permitted into the test centers!   Trained professionals will take their fire alarm knowledge into the test center in their head!

Diminish test anxiety by practicing with a virtual duplication of the actual NICET test experience.  You will feel more reassured and confident walking into a test center after you have studied using exam software nearly identical to that used at the Pearson Vue test centers!

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The visual cues used in our Fire Alarm Systems Training software are the same as used in our Classroom Edition©!!


Fire Alarm Tag Law is Getting a Lot of Attention!

If you install fire alarm systems in Ohio or use the International Fire Code in your state, this could be the beginning of an upturn in your business! 

For the latest news regarding the new Ohio Fire Code ordinance, CLICK HERE .


Are you in-FORMed?

CLICK HERE to learn about the RECORD OF COMPLETION forms and other documentation alarm companies are required to provide for every fire alarm installation.

Ohio Only:

NEW Ohio Fire Code effective 11-1-11.

Download your own free copy of the latest edition of Chapter 9, Fire Protection Systems,  of the Ohio Fire Code.  It is in Adobe .PDF format, and for a limited time, it is free on the Ohio Register website.  (Note the copyright rules starting on page 80.) 

Also, get the new Administration Chapter of the OFC HERE!

See it all HERE.

Are you here for the NICET Fire Alarm Certification practice test software?

Our acclaimed NICET Test-Prep Software is now available in three versions.   For more Information this practice test for the pencil and paper exam,  CLICK HERE.  

(These are the updated version of the popular fire alarm training software we have sold since 1999!)

Legal Notice:   Out software and its contents is protected by the copyright laws of the United States.  No person or organization may use its content in any form, without express written permission from Zenith Design Group, Inc..  This includes all versions, including the 1999, 2002 and 2007 code editions. 

"Principles of Smoke Movement in Buildings"

Do you keep failing NICET Work Element #35004?

If you need CPD points for NICET re-certification, renewal or re-instatement, then consider an Electronic Course.   This electronic course - SmokeMovement® is based on NICET Work Element 35004 called "Principles of Smoke Movement in Buildings".

This one-hour+ electronic class can be downloaded right to your home PC.  It may be taken, or viewed, as many times as you wish during your own personal sixteen-week course session. 


To learn more, CLICK HERE.




We welcome Grainger Supply, as a dealer for our software!


Latest Record of Completion form is now available.  Read more.......


Greg Kessinger's latest class for the USAF was at "the top of the world"!

Mr. Kessinger has also provided fire alarm training classes for oil companies in both northern Alberta Canada (oil sands) and Alaska, but this Air Base site 'topped' them all!  At more than 600 miles further north than Point Barrow, Alaska, it is very near "the top of the world"!  In fact, a compass here will point westward, since the difference between magnetic north and true north is considerable at this latitude. For some photos, click here.


Having taught several classes for the United States Air Force in the past,  including one protecting our Stealth Fighters, his most recent Air Force class was very different!


With some of the coldest temperatures on earth, the walls at Thule have to be over a foot thick to keep the heat in (but with small windows to keep the Polar Bears out). 

Read about Mr. Kessinger's recent fire alarm class he held at the top of the world for technicians and engineers at Thule Air Base in Greenland, 650 miles above the arctic circle.

To read the actual magazine article, follow the link below and then navigate to pages 72-73.



Q. How can you tell if someone is selling out-of-date fire alarm training manuals and other materials?

A.  If they mention "Work Elements"!  The new NICET tests are no longer based on Work Elements!


NICET has finished their changeover to computer-based testing.   NICET's new PC fire alarm exam is currently being given for all four Levels.  Those that have already tested but not passed the traditional pencil and paper test format may only continue to do so for a short time.  We've been told that all four levels will be phased out by 6/30/11 and some as early as 1/31/11. (Check with NICET for the latest information.) While our software programs were originally designed to follow the Work Element test scheme, NICET’s new computerized tests are not broken down into specific Work Elements.   However, those taking the new PC based exam will still be tested on the same general knowledge.   Their exams are now Pass/Fail tests.   Doing poorly in several specific subject areas will cause you to fail the test and the entire test will have to be re-taken.  In other words, you will no longer be taking a series of mini-quizzes for each Work Element by answering five to seven questions grouped into subject specific areas such as Job Safety or Smoke Detection.   This will mean that our practice test software should become even more valuable since it will indicate weak subject areas.  Locate your nearest NICET Test location HERE.


Fire Alarm System Training Courses

Several fire alarm classes are available:

bulletNICET fire alarm test preparation classes for certification at Levels I and II (both levels taught are in same seminar)
bulletNICET fire alarm test preparation classes for certification at Level III
bulletOhio Fire Alarm License test prep class
bulletFire Alarm "Testing and Inspecting" seminar
bulletOhio BBS Approved for Inspectors and plan reviewers "Top 10 Fire Alarm Violations and How To Spot Them"
bulletContact us for more information about a class near you.

 Can't attend a class?  We offer computer based training in your own home using software to prepare you for many Fire Alarm Certification Exams. 

Some seminar information:

bulletAll materials are included:  workbook, NFPA 72, code and standard excerpts, handouts, spec sheets, tables, pen, pencil, post-it notes, highlighter, notepad, etc.    

The instructor   

Mr. Greg Kessinger teaches fire alarm classes across the United States.  He is a trained professional, holding a teaching degree from Kent State University in Ohio.  After having taught high school for eight years, his love of education persisted.  Although he owned his own alarm company from 1982 through 2010, he also began to teach fire alarm code classes to inspectors and technicians. Greg is also a magazine columnist for Security Dealer & Integrator and authors the industry’s longest continuously published fire alarm column called  "Grill the Fire Expert".   Some of his accomplishments and experience are listed below. 

bullet Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS) from NFPA
bulletCertified Level II Interior Fire Alarm Systems from IMSA
bullet Certified Level IV (SET) in Fire Alarm Systems from NICET
bulletCertified Document Technologist from CSI
bullet Certified Fire Alarm System Designer from state of Ohio
bulletLicensed Ohio Fire Alarm System Designer
bulletLicensed Ohio Fire Alarm System Installer
bulletPast Chairperson of the Fire and Life-Safety Committee for the ESA




bulletDoes the National Electrical Code or the National Fire Alarm Code require junction boxes to be painted red?
bulletDoes the code require either of the digital communicator (DACT) phone lines to be a dedicated phone line?

Visit the myth buster page to find out.

Do you have a myth or other fire alarm question you think would be challenging to others?

Drop us an e-mail!



If we are out of the office presenting one of our many fire alarm training classes, we will respond ASAP upon our return.